Your Preferred choice for water softeners

Water Softener Services LLC of Temple, Texas.  We can help you with water softener systems, well water, (R.O.) Reverse osmosis drinking water, residental and commercial. 

Water softener Services include:
  • Clean brine tank
  • Clean float assembly
  • Clean valve assembly
  • Check regen cycles
  • Test water hardness
  • Program control head
  • Test & check resin bed
  • Answer all question you may have
  • Help you understand your softener
  • And how it functions 
What Clients Have to Say

“The guys at Water Softener Services LLC are amazing. They answered the phone and answered my questions. They came out the next day and had my softener working again in no time. Thank You!”

— Amy S. Temple, TX

 Water Softener Services LLC had no problem coming out to help me with my reverse osmosis drinking water system. I had a leak under my sink. They fixed my leak and saved me from having to go out and buy bottled water.

The guys were phenomenal.”

— John Temple, TX